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KitoGreen technology is the world first vegetal chitosan used as next-generation basic substance for agriculture use.

KitoGreen® products are now approved by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA 99270-1) as biopesticides and by the European Commission (Reg. (EC) No 1107/2009) as Basic Substances for Plant Protection for multiple applications and crops.

Discover our 2 innovative solutions :
- KitoGreen® Master (powder solution)
- KitoGreen® Direct (liquid solution)

Novel sustainable alternative which aims to :

KitoGreen technology is the world first vegetal chitosan used as next-generation basic substance for agriculture use

Novel sustainable alternative which aims to :

  • Protect and stimulate the seeds
  • Foster plant's growth and development
  • Resistance elicitor inducing local and systemic responses
  • Reduce abiotic stress
  • Enhance the soil capacities
  • Increase yield
  • Improve the quality of the production
  • Keep the food fresh
  • Prevent transpiration in post-harvest

Depending on the methodology of application and objectives, different mechanisms of actions will be triggered by KitoGreen®.



Antimicrobial effects with their direct impact on pathogens, including fungi, gram (+), and Gram (-) bacteria. The mode of action will vary depends on the target but we can see that chitosan penetrates the cell membrane of the pathogen, leading to an intracellular response.

In addition to what the chitosan will also disrupt the cells membranes due to electrostatic interactions and causing cells leakage and/or a disruption of the fundamental aspects of the cells.


As an elicitor, KitoGreen® will stimulate internal mechanisms of defense through different channels. It will lead the plant to be better prepared against pathogens but also resist better abiotic stress such as drought. In other actions, we can see a reduction in the opening of the stomates, a thickening of the cuticle, or a strengthening of vascular tissues.

Natural barrier on the leaf or the seed (depending on the application). Thanks to the film-forming properties of the chitosan, it will help to physically prevent pathogens from growing but also reduce water loss.


The positive charges will also allow the roots to uptake nutrients more efficiently if applied on the soil, on the roots, or on the seed.

What makes KitoGreen® technology different ?

The very true nature of our fungal chitosan makes KitoGreen® totally unique and more efficient in the agricultural world thanks to :

  • Low molecular weight
  • Better penetration
  • No toxicity, safe & non-animal source
  • Stable & Identical from one batch to another
  • Suitable for use in organic agriculture
  • Available in powder and liquid packaging
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