Fungal chitosan
for innovative and sustainable agriculture

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KitoGreen® is the world first vegetal
to be used in agriculture : a unique and efficient biocontrol and biostimulant.

In comparison to animal sources, the unique characteristics of the chitosan inside the KitoGreen® technology allow better and faster assimilation by the plant thanks to its amplitude of actions.

KitoGreen® is your best ally to decrease or replace your current phytosanitary products in the integrated pest management (IPM). With our KitoGreen® we have a 100% natural product that is effective against a large spectrum of plant diseases and abiotic stress.

  • Large spectrum of usage : from biostimulation to biocontrol
  • Sustainable for use in organic agriculture
  • Flexible timing of application : from seeding to post-harvest
  • Low molecular weight
  • Non toxicity & stable
  • No PHI, pre-harvest interval

KitoGreen® range has various potential
uses and applications as novel basic substance
in sustainable agriculture & smart farming.

KitoGreen® demonstrates strong field results in :

Seeds coating

Coating seeds leads to protect them against harmful pathogens and increases the germination ratio and speed. It also increases the yield.

Foliar application

Foliar treatments have extended properties depending on the timing of use and the quantity applied: biofongicide, elicitor of plant defense, plant vigour stimulation, etc.

KitoZyme®, leader in manufacturing vegetal chitosan.

KitoZyme has developed KitoGreen© technology. KitoGreen® has already been approved in the EU and is currently under evaluation in the US. Please contact us to know more on how to use KitoGreen® in organic agriculture depending on your location and expected use.

"At KitoZyme®, we did not want to choose between sustainability and efficiency."